I am native of Urapicho, a Purépecha village in rural Michoacán, México. Purépecha is a language isolate, meaning that it has no evolutionary relationship to any other known language! I like to think that this is a neat connection to my professional development as an evolutionary biologist (see my research page). I'm also interested in education, and I've been a Faculty for Freedom University since 2018, teaching biology, evolution, and STEM, to the undocumented youth of Atlanta.

Below some pictures I've taken from my life outside research:

Popocatepetl and Izztaccihuatl volcanoes, from an airplane.
Skyline of Mexico City from the Ajusco mountain.
Handmade tortillas in Urapicho, Mexico.
Tiny handmade guitars. Two of them fit within your hands.
A selfie.
A pond, somewhere in Leiden, Netherlands.

What else?

I would have liked to be a musician in another life, as you can see with my silly music (art page). I am profoundly influenced by Silvio Rodríguez (not just his music); other music I enjoy: Nick Drake, José González, Loli Molina, Natalia Lafourcade, Radiohead, Manuel García, The Milk Carton Kids, Kings of Convenience, Ichiko Aoba, Los Chapas de Comachuén, Ayano Kaneko, Santiago Feliú, and similar. I am particularly interested in acoustic/classical-ish guitar (if there are cool lyrics involved, even better). Let me know if you find music like that :D!